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Letter from Anthony Joyce, President & CEO

Anthony Joyce

Change is an inescapable and productive part of life.  We wish Michael Rauh well in his transition to retirement. We will certainly miss his everyday presence, guidance, and leadership, but we will continue to benefit from Michael’s continued service on our Board of Trustees.  We are well-prepared to maintain the positive impact that Chelsea Groton Bank has on our community.  

Under my leadership, our talented and experienced team will ensure the Bank continues to provide the highest level of service to customers, our community, and our employees. Our commitment to innovation and advanced technology has been – and will continue to be – a focus so customers can manage their finances in a safe, secure way that is convenient for them.  Our facilities will continue to be inviting and welcoming places to have meaningful conversations and gain valuable knowledge about solutions to life’s financial challenges.  And, above all, we will remain deeply committed to serving our community, through funding, volunteerism, and responding to any needs that arise. We’ll always be an organization committed to supporting the health, education, culture, and diversity of the communities we serve. 

It is an honor to serve the community in which I have lived, worked, and played for most of my life as a member of this Bank team.  The commitment to our community is evidenced by the involvement of our people, and the support provided by our Foundation ($5.5 million to date) which impacts people’s lives every day.  And, while there has been a change in CEO, there will be no change in what we believe in as an institution – that it is our mission to take on our customers’ goals as if they were our own, and to fully support the well-being of our community. 

Anthony A. Joyce, III 

President and CEO of Chelsea Groton Bank