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Wouldn’t planning your future be easier with a trusted advisor by your side?

At Chelsea Groton Financial Services, we understand there are many ways to achieve your financial goals. We offer access to customized, comprehensive financial planning aligned with your vision for the future.

Our experienced financial advisors work to get a thorough understanding of your life-changing needs, with the goal of developing a strong client relationship and a sound financial plan.

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Our approach

Following an initial meeting, which can occur over the phone, by video conference, or in-person, our advisors will help you create a roadmap, which will serve to guide you on how to take the hard-earned money you’re actively making during your working years, and allocate it to support your dreams, goals and obligations in retirement. The Chelsea Groton Financial Services’ team regularly reviews your roadmap and situation with you. As circumstances change, be it personal goals or obligations, or a global health and economic crisis, an advisor will work with you to modify your expected income, expenses, and appropriate diversification of your portfolio in order to help manage risk so you’ll always have the security of a well thought-out plan.

How to get started

The experts at Chelsea Groton Financial Services take a holistic approach to helping you map out your financial plan in preparation for retirement. Upon meeting, the advisors will ask you about your personal and professional lives, as well as financial obligations, priorities, dreams and goals, including:

  • Do you have a 401k, 403b, or 457 plan with a current or previous employer? Is it invested properly for your pending or current retirement?
  • Do you receive Social Security? Have you registered on  
  • Do you have a life insurance policy that has been reviewed recently? Does it still protect you and your family?
  • How much debt do you have? Do you have enough life insurance and/or assets to cover it if something happens to you?  
  • Do you plan to downsize or move before or after you retire?
  • Are you planning to help pay for the education of children or grandchildren?
  • Are you interested in contributing to the cost of weddings for children or grandchildren?
  • Will you need to financially support your parents as they age?
  • Have you written a will? When is the last time you reviewed it? 
  • How many accounts do you have and can you easily monitor and verify their balances?
  • What is your risk-tolerance? Has the recent market downturn caused you to question if you are taking on too much risk?
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What’s your risk tolerance?

Risk tolerance is an important factor in developing a customized, comprehensive financial plan. Find out by completing a Free Risk Analysis as a first step to developing a financial plan that is right for you.

How Can We Help?

No matter where you are in the process, we’ll present you with lots of options to help you achieve your goals for the future. Call us at 860-572-4040 to work with a member of our Financial Services Team below.

Financial Services Team

John Uyeki
John Uyeki

Financial Advisor, Infinex Investments, Inc.; SVP, Director of Chelsea Groton Financial Services

(860) 572-4041
Jen Eastbourne
Jennifer Eastbourne

Program Coordinator, Infinex Investments, Inc.; VP, Chelsea Groton Financial Services

(860) 572-4040
Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott

Financial Advisor, Infinex Investments, Inc.; VP, Chelsea Groton Financial Services

(860) 572-4039
Headshot of Bob Fradette
Bob Fradette

Financial Advisor, Infinex Investments, Inc.; VP, Chelsea Groton Financial Services

(860) 572-4045
Paulette Retsinas
Paulette Retsinas

Financial Advisor, Infinex Investments, Inc.; VP, Chelsea Groton Financial Services

(860) 572-4046
Headshot of Zoe Wills
Zoe Wills

Financial Services Sales Associate, Infinex Investments, Inc.; Chelsea Groton Financial Services

(860) 572-4042
Infinex Financial Group

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