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Our year in review

At Chelsea Groton Bank, we pride ourselves on combining the best people with the best technology, in order to provide a level of service that’s unparalleled in our region. Each year, our Annual Report does more than share updates on the Bank’s finances. The reports share the stories of the way our hands-on approach, knowledgeable team, best-in-class products and services, and commitment to the members of our shared community, made an impact.

2022 Annual Report

“The Bank has thrived for 168 years by staying dedicated to its mission, always keeping customers and communities first in our minds. Given this focus and commitment, it is not surprising that we have been recognized over the years as a “Best Bank” and a “Top Workplace”, among many other accolades.”

Three people talking in the Norwich Westside Branch of Chelsea Groton

2021 Annual Report

“Successfully adapting to change sums up the incredible year that we had. Some of the changes were short term, dealing with the constantly shifting sands of the COVID pandemic. Others were an acceleration of changes that have been brewing for years, even decades, suddenly becoming more acute as the epidemic forced changes in the behavior and priorities of our customers and communities.”

2020 Annual Report

“The COVID 19 pandemic rocked the world as we know it, and its effect on our region cannot be overstated. But the way our team responded was nothing short of heroic.”