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No Hang-Up Scam

Recently, banks across the country have reported that their customers are falling victim to a new scam. In what is being called the “No Hang-Up Scam”, customers are receiving a call from a scammer stating they are from the customer’s bank. When the customer questions the legitimacy of the call, the fraudster directs the customer to call the number on the back of the card to verify that they are indeed speaking to the bank. While the customer thinks they end the call, they do not. The fraudster is able to hold the phone line, mimic a dial tone, and when the customer dials the number on the back of card, they are again unknowingly speaking to same fraudster or an accomplice of the fraudster. 

It is recommended that customers wait about 20 minutes before calling their bank after receiving a call such as this. This length of time should break the connection the fraudster has on the phone line. If possible, use another phone to contact the bank.  

Chelsea Groton Bank will never call a customer and ask for personal information, such as an account number, online banking password, or social security number. Customers who wish to speak to our Customer Care Center about the No Hang-Up Scam or any other scams or concerns, should call (860) 448-4200.

Looking for ways to stop unwanted calls? Check out this advice from the Federal Trade Commission.