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Connect by Video Call to open accounts, make secure transfers, eSign, and more

Have a business question or need? Connect instantly with a member of our Cash Management or ChelseaLIVE video banking team. During this experience, members can participate in a face-to-face video chat, while also being able to securely share and sign documents during the live session, right from your phone, tablet or computer.

If you’re a business owner who isn’t based near a branch, or a co-signer or co-owner is remote, we can help you conduct business in a safe, secure and convenient way through the ChelseaLIVE video banking app. Wondering if we can use it to help you conduct your banking business virtually? Just ask!

Our Video Banking ATMs (VBMs) are similar to regular ATMs but with the ability, at the tap of the screen, to be face-to-face with one of our local “ChelseaLIVE” video bankers. They will be able to assist you with most of your banking needs, as if you were inside the branch. And for those depositing checks, scanned images of all checks are provided when deposited at our VBMs.

Tap the ATM screen to connect with our ChelseaLIVE video banking team!

Video Banking Team

Headshot of Dee Houde
Dee Houde

Customer Care Team Lead

(860) 448-4200
Zina Secchiaroli
Zina Secchiaroli

Customer Care VBM Specialist

(860) 448-4200