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Specialty financing solutions

In need of a jumbo loan or want to pay biweekly? Planning to build a home but in need of financing? Trying to buy and sell at the same time? Or maybe you’re ready to purchase a vacation or seasonal home? We’re committed to finding solutions for every circumstance. Let us know how we can help.

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Jumbo Loan — Looking to purchase a home above $548,250? We offer jumbo mortgages with competitive interest rates and attractive terms. 

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) — Looking for lower payments for a fixed number of years? If you don’t intend to hold your mortgage for the long term, anticipate a potential drop in income or expect liabilities to shrink over the life of your loan, an ARM might be the right vehicle for you. Featuring lower interest rates for a fixed period, Chelsea Groton ARMs are available for fixed periods of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years.  

Bi-Weekly Payment Loans — Trying to pay off your mortgage a bit faster, so you can save on interest? By making payments every other week, you’ll make one extra full payment per year, enabling you to pay off your loan earlier than scheduled and save a significant amount in interest. View the bi-weekly payment calendar.

Construction-Permanent Loans — Building a new home can be stressful! Chelsea Groton allows borrowers to lock in an interest rate at the beginning of the project for the life of a loan (up to 12 months) and allows a qualified borrower to act as their own general contractor.

Bridge Loans — Trying to sell one house and buy a new one at the same time? Chelsea Groton can help you to utilize the equity in your current home in order to make the purchase of the new home possible.

Before you start your house hunt, get your mortgage pre-approval by contacting one of our experienced mortgage lenders.

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Ready to buy?

If you’re ready to get a mortgage, you can apply online, come into any branch or reach out to any mortgage lender on our Residential Lending Team, below.

Residential Lending Team

Marta Amor-Baker
Marta Amor-Baker

AS, Mortgage Specialist

(860) 448-4879
John Cassata, Mortgage Specialist in Residential Lending
John Cassata

Mortgage Specialist

(860) 572-4044
Beth Glynn
Beth Glynn

VP, Mortgage Specialist

(860) 448-4177
Jamie Goulas
Jamie Goulas

AS, Mortgage Specialist

(860) 823-4811
Headshot of Michele Magowan in Residential Lending
Michele Magowan

AT, Mortgage Specialist

(860) 448-4175
Melissa Raffanello
Melissa Raffanello

Mortgage Specialist

(860) 934-1306
Rick Turner
Richard “Rick” Turner

AVP, Mortgage Specialist

(860) 823-4846
Luann Vinson
Luann Vinson

Mortgage Specialist

(860) 934-1302
Headshot of Matthew Morrell
Matthew Morrell

FVP, Retail Lending Sales Manager

(860) 448-4167